Thursday, 26 April 2012

23. Walton-on-Naze, Essex, UK

   Walton-on-Naze is a seaside town, still popular with holiday-makers and day-trippers, although I have to say it's had its heyday.  It's a place that is very dear to my heart as a lot of my early memories are rooted there.  My grandparents (Nana and Grandad) had a house there and when my grandad retired they moved to live there full-time.  Nana's sisters came from their respective homes in Rainham (Essex) and Luton (Bedfordshire) with their families and my sister and I got to play with my mum's cousins' kids (not sure what that makes them - 'third' cousins?) in Nana and Grandad's extensive garden or on the sandy beach which was just across the road.

Yes, I'm the one in the stripy top! Nana far right, my sister on left, Mum behind us.  1975.
My grandad died when I was four and when I was ten Nana moved to live near to us, so the house was sold.  The new owners subsequently sold the garden at the side (where we are standing in this photo) and built a house on it, so when we walk past it now it looks barely like my nan's house at all.  It's still there in my mind, though, which is what matters.  I often feel like knocking, just to ask if I can wander round the house and feel for traces of those wonderful childhood days, but I haven't because they'd probably think I was either up to no good or mad.  For the same reason, I haven't taken a photo of the house!

Here are some photos I took in Walton last month.  Thanks for reading :-)

We had a beach hut in this row

Rejuvenated boarding houses - now probably homes

When I was a child this was a ballroom and entertainment complex.  Now flats.
Taken from the pier

Walton Pier

 You can't go to the British seaside without being silly on the pier!


Annalisa Crawford said...

That looks like a lovely beach! And what great houses.

My grandparents lived in Manchester, so every summer, as people were travelling towards Cornwall, we'd be going the other way. My favourite memories are of Lyme Park (the house which later became Pemeberley in the BBC version!)

Shelley Sly said...

Aww what nice pictures! I'd never been, but it looks so familiar and inviting.