Friday, 11 October 2013

Finally, I think I get it!

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Eyeball-burn, life-burn, general burn-out.

That was me back in July and as a result I stopped writing almost altogether.

For years I have been a strictly keyboard writer, my theory being that my mind works faster than I can write - or at least write legibly - but, do you know, I was getting sick to death of staring at a screen! It seemed to be ruling my life and instead of writing I was spending hours procrastinating on Facebook, surfing this and that, and my eyes were burning (even though the screen glare is as low as it will go). I felt stressed, time-poor and pretty miserable. Worst still, I had mislaid my love of writing.

I had all of August off from writing, all of September and have just started writing again - with one difference... BY HAND.

It's a joy. No temptation to go on the internet, no eyeball-burn and OMG - there's no need to write full sentences! I also don't then keep going back over and over them editing even though I know I shouldn't. My first draft is not going to be much more than detailed notes and I can relax, knowing that when I type it all up I'll be doing the first edit at the same time.

I know you lot all knew this all along, but I feel as though I've made a writing-life-changing discovery!

On another subject, I want to apologise for not visiting many blogs lately. I have a lot of trouble with Blogger pages not loading properly - on every other page I seem to get a message from Internet Explorer telling me it encountered a problem and has to close the page, or the page just freezes for ages, or I get an error message saying there's something wrong with the page. I use Internet Explorer and this ONLY happens on Blogger. Obviously, I want to keep up with your blogs, but with the above happening, it's so time-consuming I often have to just give up and go do something else. Please - does anyone else have this problem? Should I be using Firefox or Google Chrome instead? Is Blogger doing it on purpose because of the Google connection - trying to make me change to Google Chrome? I'd love to hear about your experiences and solutions regarding this!