Sunday, 22 January 2012

Now, who to choose?

On Friday, 10th Feb, there's a fun blog hop called I'LL TUMBLE 4 YA!

It's going to be a REAL HARDSHIP because the low-down is to think of all those crushes you had on celebrities in the 80s and to post a picture of one of them with your reason!

If you're not already signed up, do join in.  I don't know about you, but I had so many crushes in the 80s I need as much time as possible to sift through them, enjoy the memories, oggle some old pics and then choose one (won't be easy!)

I need another lesson in inserting hyperlinks, so can't do anything clever to send you in the right direction, but you can find the details here:

I'm really jealous of people who can put here in a pretty colour and just send you there.  Don't try clicking on this one - all I did was change the font colour...

Just to whet your appetite, here's one to get you started...

See you there!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Looking the Part...

What does a writer look like?  I'm sure that if I lined up with everyone who reads this blog, we'd all be very different!  Maybe there would be things we'd have in common - like a groove between our eyes from scowling while we search for that perfect but temporarily elusive phrase; maybe an indentation in the top of one of our middle fingers from gripping a pen; perhaps a tendency to unconsciously flex our fingers to get rid of that RSI from typing... Perhaps many of us would be wearing comfy trousers with a nice loose waistband to facilitate all the sitting down, perhaps there'd be a far-away look in our eyes (thinking about a plot whilst pretending to be present in the room) - the list could probably go on!

Why am I wondering this?  Well, my 19 year-old son, home from uni, was studying me while we were on the train to London a couple of weeks back and suddenly announced: "You look like a writer, Mum."

Naturally, I was initially ridiculously pleased, as it's good to know you look the part (unless you're a toilet cleaner, perhaps), but then doubt started to set in and the question 'what does a writer look like?' began to nudge at me.  I didn't ask him for clarification - I was too afraid of the answer!

My hair is shoulder-length and curly with a tendency to frizz, I often wear glasses, I go for clothes that are slightly 'hippyish' (or so I've been told - I don't do it on purpose!).  I don't THINK I've got the furrow between my eyes very badly yet, or the RSI in any noticeable way, and I haven't gone all the way down the elasticated waistband route, although I do like to slouch around in pj bottoms...

Maybe more worrying, though, was the comment he'd made earlier that morning after I'd been babbling on about something or other.

He said, very matter of factly, as though it was inevitable:  "You'll probably go senile, Mum, because you're a bit eccentric."  

Better stop procrastinating and start writing before I do!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!  

May your trousers be comfy and your brow unfurrowed, 

Linda :-)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Insecure Writer's Support Group. Frozen Fingers, Frozen Brain...

Not enough time, not enough time... my usual old excuse for not starting a new story.

I won't be able to concentrate until I've checked Facebook and Twitter and my emails and the online sales and walked the cat... used when the usual old excuse above doesn't ring sufficiently true.

True?  Of course it doesn't ring true.  I know perfectly well that I can write for 10 mins and it's better than nothing, but the dreaded inertia is pulling my fingers back from the keyboard.

What if I get right into it and then lose my thread when I try to pick it up again?  (Has never happened.)

What if I spend ages writing and then don't like what I've written when I could have been checking Facebook and Twitter and my emails and the online sales and walking the cat?   (That's more like it.)

Sometimes I'm just afraid to try, incase I haven't got any more good ideas. 

Later this evening I'm going to flex my fingers, resist the inertia and try - but not until after I've checked FB, Twitter and watered the cat.  Or was it walked the cat? 

Ooh, do I feel a short story coming on about someone who walks their cat... or better still waters their cat..?

Oh dear, is this blog post ok or have I written a load of rubbish?  It's just so hard to tell.  Sigh.

Isn't it dreadful feeling insecure?  Here, Puss!

Insecure Writer's Bloghop Members...

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