Sunday, 1 March 2015

A new endeavour.

It's a very long time since I have been here and I am looking forward to getting my blog back on track and catching up with some long-lost blogging friends!

The sun has come out, the buds are starting to appear on the trees and the sap is rising... After a lull of over a year, I can feel my own sap rising too and with it has come a little epiphany. I have been somewhat directionless, always feeling that the ideas I had were only 'half-ideas'. Suddenly, things - as they so often do - have fallen into place. I work with children, I love the company of children, I still think like a child (maybe!)... I should be writing for children. I teach children to read and spend time listening to them read. Why not write something I think they would enjoy?

Watch this space! Work has yet to begin, but begin it will!

Have you ever had an epiphany-type-thing? Writing related or otherwise?