Wednesday, 3 July 2013

IWSG July - Drowning a little!

OMG how can it be July already, blah, blah, blah. I have no idea how these first Wednesdays come around so quickly! I'm glad they do, though, because it's the one time in the month I can really make time to hop around and say hi - and I'm so glad that people do the same for me!

On with the insecure stuff...

Firstly, I have no excuse to feel insecure because I had a long-short accepted by Woman's Weekly which buoyed me up no end!

However (and yes, there has to be one of those)... I've lost my way with the novel. It wasn't flowing - I felt as though I was wading through mud. My characters weren't speaking to me and - I don't know - I think I wasn't feeling it. I also began to worry that what I was writing wasn't original enough - but I think I've got myself over that one. The result is that I have now started AGAIN - having said I was going to plough through to the end come what may. I've started differently and the main characters are different - for both my modern day and time-slip parts.

I'm more excited about it now, but my day job is so busy at the moment that I can't seem to find the energy to write. I feel drained of all creativity (probably because I'm using it all on a Year 6 production of School of Rock and, believe me, those kids know how to drain...) I think the teacher and I are going to have to get up there and perform it for them.

Anyway, a lovely two weeks in Zakynthos are looming at the end of the month when I will recharge my batteries. I hope to come back here on the first Wednesday of August raring to go.

How are you doing? I'll be popping along to find out.

Thanks for being here!


Thanks as always to Alex J Cavanaugh for starting this group. You can find the full list on his blog but I'm not pasting it here because it gets longer all the time!