Friday, 30 December 2011

New Year, New Resolutions!

If I looked back over my blog posts, I think I'd be unsurprised to find that many of them are a whinge of some kind.  It's so easy to fall into that trap, perhaps, knowing that there are sympathetic souls who are fellow writers reading them, but it's probably not a good mind-set to have as default!
I'm not making a New Year's resolution to stop whingeing, because it's quite fun, but I am resolving to stop putting myself into a situation where I feel the need to whinge... quite so often.

After a few weeks off from writing, I realise that I have been putting myself under a lot of pressure. 

Having had some success with short stories in the past year, I've been feeling a real horror of 'failing' and not having any more/as many accepted.   Also, having decided to keep everything 'up front', I've engaged an accountant and submitted my tax return - but that has made me extra determined to keep the money coming in so that I have something to put on subsequent tax returns... don't want to be paying my accountant more than I'm earning!  Also, as I've mentioned before, I've been bowing to other people's expectation that the next step is to write a novel and have tried in vain to fit this into my life (which is already quite full to be honest!)

It's time to take a step back!

My resolution is to write for profit and PLEASURE.  I will write at my own speed, as and when I have time.  I will try not to fret if I can't write for a few days.  I may decide to write for three months and then have a month off to recharge.  I'm setting no hard and fast rules, just some sensible guidelines.

This year has been a writiing rollercoaster ride, thrilling and depressing in turn.  I aim for 2012's ride to be a little smoother. 

Best of luck to those who are doing Sally Quilford's 100K in 100 Days.  I'm probably opting out of that, but I'll be cheering you on and writing from the sidelines!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year xx

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Just Like a Bus...

No, I'm not talking about the size of my bum...

Having had no opportunity to write my blog until this evening, I've now written two posts.  See?  Wait ages for one (not that you were) and then two come along!

This is to wish all of you a prematurely MERRY CHRISTMAS! as it's unlikely that I'll have time for blogging in the next three weeks, what with shopping, presents to wrap, cards to write, baking to do, people to visit, visitors to entertain... well, you all know how it is - or should I say how lovely it is?  Because it is! 

My writing has been pretty much knocked on the head until January - and I am really looking forward to Sally Quilford's 100k in 100 days challenge - find it and Sally at  I already have a list of things I want to write, and although I know I won't have the time to write 1000 words every day, it's so much more fun to write alongside others and cheer each other on!

Just for good measure, here's another snowy picture - it's nearly Christmas after all!

Two Awards, Thank you!

My award from the wonderful Rebecca Bradley at Life in Clarity

My award from the lovely Annalisa Crawford at Wake Up, Eat, Write, Sleep
 Hello everyone!

I'd like to thank Annalisa and Rebecca for the awards - and it is now my pleasure to pass them both on to the following people!

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I'd like to award BOTH awards to the following bloggers whose blogs I really enjoy reading!

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I'm really sorry if I've not done this awarding thing correctly - I'm not even sure how to link back to people's blogs, so I hope I've done that right! 

Anyway, enjoy your awards, everyone!  Hugs all round!

Linda x