Thursday, 18 October 2012

WIP it up!

Well, the WIP is, indeed, in P! 

At the weekend, I decided that it was hard-going (for me, anyway - I think I have a very low boredom-threshold) and decided to spice it up a bit.  Well, quite a lot, really.

You can read about my decision on my other blog here if you want to, or you can just keep on reading right here!

My ongoing struggle is with concentration.  I don't know whether it's just that I'm already worn out from my day-job before I even start on the writing most days, whether it's hormonal (time of life, sigh!) or something more sinister (yikes!)  I'm actually going to see my doctor tomorrow as it's having an impact on my writing, let alone on my conversation!  Mind you, I'm not alone - I had dinner with a friend last Friday and at one point neither one of us could remember how we had got onto a subject and where it had come from or was meant to be going...  That's ok in a darkened Nando's over a bottle of wine, but not so great when part of your plot has upped and done a runner before you've had a chance to make a note of it!

Anyway, to cut to the chase (I think I can remember where I was going with this...) I have made my WIP a lighter read, something my oscillating mind can cope with - still with a similar story-line, but something I can dip in and out of and still know where it's meant to be heading.

I have a feeling that tomorrow the doc is going to tell me there's nothing she can do or give me, in which case I'll have to find another way of sharpening my mind.

Has anyone got any suggestions for alternative therapies, herbal remedies etc?  I'd be glad to know if you have!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Some Like It Hot...

... And some don't, of course, which is why I have started a separate blog under my pen-name for my slightly friskier writing!

If you have nothing against a bit of erotica, please do follow me here!  If you don't, please don't stop following me as I'll be blogging here too as usual!

Thanks for stopping by - hope to see you on the other side!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The difference... (IWSG)

First Wed of Every Month

Yes, I've been feeling different.  I've realised that what people have been saying is true: that it's worth taking time over your novel, thinking about it, taking time out if necessary to get to know your characters and your plot... and that no writing is wasted writing or wasted time.

So, you're probably going - "Well, yes, duh!" - but although I knew it was true I couldn't feel it, didn't feel it was the right way for me.  I was in a constant frenzy of "Must get this done! No time to lose!" and felt like a complete failure when I stalled or, worse, gave up.

I'm 15,000 words into my novel and I know I've got to start again.  I've been writing 3 characters and jumping from one to the other and feel now that I'm losing the momentum and that it's bitty.  Usually, this would have been the point where I felt as though I was never going to succeed and would have been totally down on myself, full of self-loathing and would have abandoned the project. 



Somehow, my psyche has accepted that it will be a long slog and that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well.  I like this story, I like these characters, I have the location clear in my mind and all I have to do is work out the best way to tell the story.  And I will.

So, how are you doing?  Hope I'll find out on the IWSG bloghop.  You can see who's taking part over at Alex's blog here.