Thursday, 18 October 2012

WIP it up!

Well, the WIP is, indeed, in P! 

At the weekend, I decided that it was hard-going (for me, anyway - I think I have a very low boredom-threshold) and decided to spice it up a bit.  Well, quite a lot, really.

You can read about my decision on my other blog here if you want to, or you can just keep on reading right here!

My ongoing struggle is with concentration.  I don't know whether it's just that I'm already worn out from my day-job before I even start on the writing most days, whether it's hormonal (time of life, sigh!) or something more sinister (yikes!)  I'm actually going to see my doctor tomorrow as it's having an impact on my writing, let alone on my conversation!  Mind you, I'm not alone - I had dinner with a friend last Friday and at one point neither one of us could remember how we had got onto a subject and where it had come from or was meant to be going...  That's ok in a darkened Nando's over a bottle of wine, but not so great when part of your plot has upped and done a runner before you've had a chance to make a note of it!

Anyway, to cut to the chase (I think I can remember where I was going with this...) I have made my WIP a lighter read, something my oscillating mind can cope with - still with a similar story-line, but something I can dip in and out of and still know where it's meant to be heading.

I have a feeling that tomorrow the doc is going to tell me there's nothing she can do or give me, in which case I'll have to find another way of sharpening my mind.

Has anyone got any suggestions for alternative therapies, herbal remedies etc?  I'd be glad to know if you have!

Thanks for reading!


Patsy said...

I can't help with the concentration as it's a problem for m... can you smell burning? Think my dinner's ready...

Annalisa Crawford said...

My mum keeps trying to pour a 'tonic' down my throat, but I don't hang around long enough to know what it is - could be an alternative therapy, could be gin... who knows! I hope you feel better soon :-)

Lauren said...

Depends on the reason for it. If its stress related something like chamomile or catnip might help, or meidtation. Lots of possibilities.

When you find out, give me a shout at and I'll look into it. I haven't actually done a post on this topic, so it'll be a good one.


Lauren said...

Oops. Meditation, not meidtation or mediation or any other ation.

LindaC said...

Lauren, I'd love to know more about how Chamomile or Catnip can help! I'll be in touch!

LindaC said...

Thanks Lauren. I'd love to hear more about chamomile (tea?) and catnip. There turned out to be nothing wrong with me - the doctor said my head was too full and we worked out that I never had a fantastic memory to begin with, ha!