Friday, 29 March 2013

That Sadie Thing

Although I have reviewed this on Goodreads, I have been meaning to write a post about this collection of short stories, That Sadie Thing   Kindle Edition available now! by Annalisa Crawford .

Although Annalisa and I have been blogging buddies for quite a while now, this isn't a 'favour' review or a 'suck-up' plug - I genuinely want to tell you how much I enjoyed these stories and why.

I am a fan of short stories, but find that they are often a bit 'twee' or go the other way and are quite obscure and have no sort of satisfactory ending. Not in this anthology! I read this in the space of a few hours because it was so hard to put down. If you have read Annalisa's Cat and the Dreamer you will know that Annalisa has a quirky, honest style. That is what I loved about the stories in That Sadie Thing. They are varied in style and theme but I became absorbed in each and every one and even shed the odd tear. At this point, I was about to tell you about my favourite stories, but looking back through the book, I realised that each of them, as I came to it, felt like my favourite! 'Omelette' is touching, 'Beth' is someone many of us will be able to empathise with and brings a lump to the throat, 'The Walking Dead' is ultimately heart-warming, despite the title (!), 'Open Windows' is very moving (sniff) - and I could go on. Can you tell how much I enjoyed these stories? I'm no reviewer - I'm pretty rubbish at analysing why I like something because when I read I absorb atmosphere and rarely remember many details - which makes it fabulous when I want to re-read something because I have hardly any memory of it at all except that I liked it...

If you're looking for something refreshing and different but highly satisfying, I really recommend That Sadie Thing. It's available on Kindle - links below - but I really wish it was a paperback because it's just the sort of book I like to own and pass around!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Reality check!

 The fabulous Patsy Collins has nominated me for this award. I'm honoured to receive it and am looking forward to passing it on to some others! The only trouble is, in my small blogging community it's hard to find someone who hasn't already had it!

First, I have to answer some questions, so here goes:

If you could change one thing, what would it be?
 I'd have done a degree. Not too late, I know, but less convenient!

If you could repeat an age, what would it be?

I'm perfectly happy now, but if I had to choose, I'd say the years between 30 and 35. My kids were little, we had lots of fun family times and I'd begun to feel like a 'proper' grown up and learned how to say no to things I didn't want to do.

What one thing really scares you?

I know this is maudlin, but the only thing I ever feel panic about is the thought of my kids dying. It's hard, having older kids who are out on their own/living away. Sorry!
If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?

Goodness. Obviously, it would have to be the other half of someone really gorgeous - maybe Aaron Paul (from Breaking Bad)'s girlfriend? Swooneroony (but don't tell my husband...)
Well, those were the questions, so now to pass it on:
You know how I ALWAYS go on about not having enough time? Well, I haven't got enough time to check out who has already had this award! I'm awarding it to the following people:
Claudia at The Story - a very real and interesting blog
Jaybird at Bird's Nest because she has some very quirky and interesting posts
my old friend Annalisa at Wake up, Eat, Write, Sleep because she always has something interesting to say.
If any of these blogs are new to you, please go and say hello!
(Are you still swooning over Aaron Paul? Here's another pic just for you. I won't enjoy it at all.)

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Coup de foudre!

It hit me last night - so hard that I could feel all of me jangling in anticipation and I actually had butterflies!

I know what I have to write.
I know what happens.

Better still, I'M EXCITED.

This means putting my current novel - only just started anyway - on the back-burner. I like that story and I like the characters, but last night I realised I'm not excited about writing it.

My new WIP is called 'Springville' (tribute to and partly inspired by a beautiful song by The Decemberists called June Hymn).

It's a supernatural time-slip, an old idea of mine that didn't work the first time I started it, but the muse has spoken and I know where I'm going now.

I have never planned anything in my life, but today...

Hope you're all having an inspiring weekend!
Please forgive me if I go off and write for a bit now, but I'll be back later to catch up with all the blogs I've been neglecting.
A big thank you to everyone who commented on my last post and offered help and advice.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


 As always, thank you to Alex J Cavanaugh for inventing this monthly airing of our insecurities! You will find the list of those taking part on his blog.

I've been feeling more torn than insecure, to be honest. It's the blog, don'tcha know? I've made so many good writerly-and-other-type friends through blogging, but I'm finding it hard to keep it going. Anyone who has read my various whinges over the past year or two may remember that TIME is my enemy (I know I'm not the only one!) I try to be diligent about reading blogs and commenting as well as maintaining my own (poorly tbh) but it's all time I could be spending WRITING.

I've come to a decision: I will blog once month unless I've got something urgent to share or have a guest. I know this is no way to be carrying on, but it's going to take a load off my shoulders!


And secondly...

I'm terrified! I've started the novel and I'm determined to see it through. My mind is spinning with getting voices right, keeping the pace, keeping thread of what I want to happen and when... GAH! I'm using the Scrivener free trial at the moment and I think I like it - especially the ability to drag scenes around and re-order them - but I'd love to hear how you keep track of your plot. Scrivener has a cork-board facility, but I'm feeling that for me a big sheet of paper with actual sticky-notes would be better - I'm very touchy-feely! Please share your method with me.

And don't forget to come and 'Friend' me of Facebook if you're a user.

That's all Folks!

Looking forward to hopping around and seeing who's feeling insecure today and why!