Saturday, 10 March 2012


Until the eagerly-awaited real sunshine gets here, I will make do (very happily!) with this pretty award from my friend Annalisa Crawford

Before I can pass it on to some other lovely people, I have to answer a few questions...

1. Favorite colour? Green, red and purple (but not mixed together because that makes a sludgy brown)
2. Favourite animal? Cats.  I love it when they pass you in the street and give you a dirty look.
3. Favourite number? I am very drawn to 9.
4. My passion?  Creative expression in its many forms and rule-breaking wherever possible without    getting arrested.
5. Getting or giving presents? Ooh, getting!  It doesn't often happen, whereas I always seem to be giving them!
6. Favourite pattern? Greek patterns, especially this one:
7. Favourite day of the week? Saturday. There is still all of Sunday to look forward to.
8. Favourite flower? All flowers gratefully accepted except lilies.  I really hate the smell!
9. Twitter or Facebook? Facebook, but not in excess.  I like the 'chat' feature.
10. Favourite non-alcoholic drink? Hot one - tea.  Cold one - fizzy water.

And now it is my great honour to be able to pass this shiny award on to some others!
I'd like to nominate Peggy Eddleman whose blog keeps me very entertained, Kittie Howard whose blog is always interesting and Cassie Mae because she makes me laugh every time!

I could give it to EVERYONE whose blogs I read because I truly enjoy them all - which is why I follow them - but I don't think that 's the idea!


    Cassie Mae said...

    Sa-weet! Thanks for this award, it's like the prettiest one, lol.

    I'm a facebook chatter too. You catch me over there, deal? :D

    Sarah Pearson said...

    I love the idea that you have a passion for rule-breaking :-)

    Annalisa Crawford said...

    Cats would be my favourite animal, if I didn't live with my cat!

    Great answers. I love the pattern.

    Patsy said...

    Tuesday is my favourite day of the week. Anything can happen on a Tuesday!

    Peggy Eddleman said...

    Congrats on the award! And thanks so much for passing it along to me. I love sunshine!!

    And I love the optical illusionness of your Greek pattern! It keeps on going around and around whenever I'm not looking directly at it.

    Anna Smith said...

    Gratz on your award :)

    Rebecca Bradley said...

    I absolutely love the cat comment. It set of an image in my mind. Thanks for sharing!

    Gwen said...

    Greek patterns always interest me.

    Margo Kelly said...

    Congrats on your award! I tagged you on my blog today. :)

    LindaK said...

    Thanks for coming and reading my blog, everyone! I'm really trying to keep up with all of yours! x

    Peaches Ledwidge said...

    Yeah, the cat comment is unique.

    M Pax said...

    I love cats, too. :) Happy Pi Day!

    Patsy said...

    Hi Linda.

    You kindly offered to do something to help promote my book and I'd like to discuss it with you but don't have your email address!

    If you're still happy to do something could you contact me at