Monday, 26 November 2012


Can I vent? Please?

I work from 8.45 til 3.15pm, keep the house clean, cook the meals, prepare packed lunches, do the washing and look after everyone's interests as best I can. I put a lot in - can't I take a little something out, such as maybe an hour a day to write?

I always end up feeling guilty!

Apparently tonight (5.30pm, rush hour) the buses aren't running well. I receive a call from one of the kids asking for a lift home from town which is a 35 minute walk. It is raining and said kid finds it unnecessary to take an umbrella out with them in the mornings, apparently.  When I refuse to go and pick this nameless teen up because a) the car is up the road in the garage, b) it's rush hour and c) I'm writing, the response is: "(snort) Writing!" as though it's a ridiculous thing to be doing. The implication is clearly that I am putting my writing before my motherly duties.

I got angry and hung up.

Now I can't write, anyway! 

And I'm feeling guilty!

End of rant.


Dana said...

:( I understand this much too well. *hugs*

Annalisa Crawford said...

Don't feel guilty. Teens should walk. I always walked unless my dad offered me a lift (Oooh, I sound so old...) Anyway, a bit of rain never hurt anyone, they might remember the brolly tomorrow, and of course you should be writing, you're a writer! No guilt, and a healthy exercised teen - what could be better?

Patsy said...

Sympathies. I know I'm lucky that my husband is very supportive of my writing and (other than when I'm at work) there isn't anyone else making demands on my time.

Maybe you should say you're on the Xbox - or doing whatever it is they're busy doing when you ask them to wash dishes?

Lauren said...

That kid NEEDS a walk in the rain!

And I need to finish "Mothers Day." It's about a mother who took a vacation--or more accurately, about what happened when she did. :)