Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Insecure Writer's Support Group

It's true, I have been feeling insecure lately.

Before going on holiday I submitted quite a few stories and came back to find that none of them had been accepted.
I then got up, brushed myself down and started writing some more only to have them rejected for various reasons (mostly to do with having received a lot of stories on that subject already etc).  Although it wasn't a direct dig at my ability, I still felt stupid for not noticing (I have been reading the mags for over a year so should be pretty 'up' on what's being covered!)
Determined not to give up, I have written some more and - finally- had one accepted today.  So, to be honest I'm not feeling as insecure as I was yesterday, but still...
I've got this novel to start.  The enormity of it is what's stopping me, I think.  I've had some great advice about just tackling a chapter at a time, which I intend to take, but I'm so afraid my story will peter-out and I'll be left feeling as though I didn't think it through and have written a load of mindless rubbish.
I'm not saying that's what I'm going to write, but my fear is that I will feel like that about it!  While it's just here in my head it's a lovely, atmospheric story... on paper it may be hollow trash.
I wouldn't normally wallow in defeat before I've even tried, but as this is the day for writing the Insecure Writer's Support Group blog, I feel it's ok!
Glad to have got all that off my chest, anyway!


Annalisa Crawford said...

Congratulations on having a short accepted! I'm not sure you qualify for being insecure for at least another two days. You should still be jumping up and down!

Caitlin said...

Woohoo! Congratulations for having one of your shorts accepted!

As for your novel, sometimes they do peter out. But what you gain from those first few failed attempts is invaluable. And you never know, it might turn out to be fabulous!

Nancy Thompson said...

Hey Linda! Just found you through Alex Cavanaugh's IWSG. I, too, am a member. And I'm now your newest follower.

Well, first off, congrats on having your piece accepted! That's big news!

The second half of your post struck a chord with me as that is precisely where I currently am, and also what I posted about today. After finishing my first novel and moving into the querying phase, I am now faced with starting all over with a new novel. Only this time, it's not all falling into place as it did the first time around. So I'm right there with you, feeling insecure and not knowing what to do next.

Keep on writing!

Sarah Pearson said...

Congratulations on your success Linda, that's great news.

Jenny said...

Ooo, congrats on the acceptance!

As for a hollow story on paper...yeah. Have one myself that I had to stop because I was just writing and writing and I had no idea what I was doing. It works sometimes, usually for my shorter pieces, but for longer works I really think I'm gonna have to start doing outlines so I can prevent such a feeling next time. Or when I just restart that project.

Plus, you never know. Once your wonderful idea is on paper, it may just seem even better ^_~

Liza said...

Just start that novel, 500 words at a time...or 200, or 1000. Whatever feels good to you. Likely the story you have in your mind will change while you are writing it don't worry. Just start. And good luck. Came over from Alex's blogfest. Nice to meet you.

Catherine said...

Congrats for your short! I finally managed to find the magazine in Canada, but it's 6 weeks late, so I'll have to be patient to read this short (and the last one too... one more week or so and I'll have it in my hands!)

Welcome in the IWSG. After self-publishing my first book, and having good reviews (overall!!!), I wrote my second novel and I stopped it because it felt hollow. Too much was missing and now I have to start it from scratch. I can't even write down the outline because I feel it's rubbish.

So let's have a glass of wine, relax and start again tomorrow with one sentence. And why not adding a second one so the first one doesn't feel alone?

You can do it! The first draft will be... well... not what you expected. It will be better! Go for it! Nothing to loose!

Peggy Eddleman said...

Congrats on the acceptance! And you brushed yourself off pretty good after not getting others accepted-- my guess is you'll do alright with that novel, too. :)