Monday, 13 June 2011

Poorly Writer Puts Unfinished Novel in Danger

And yes, the headline above (well, title really) refers to me and my WIP (Work in Progress to my lovely non-writing followers.)

Everybody except me probably knows about the dangers associated with reading what you've written after suffering from a chronic headache for four days and having to deal with a hypochondriac/needy MIL (Mother in Law to you lucky people without one...).

Let's just say it was a close thing.  I read it in disgust, wrote critical, blunt notes to self all over it and planned to abandon it.  I don't even know what stopped me deleting it then and there.

I'm glad to say it's survived and has been added to this weekend.  It's not exactly literature, but it just might be readable after a couple of years of working on it...  ;-)


Jenny said...

I'm sure it's not all that bad!

Rebecca Bradley said...

Don't give yourself a hard time over it. You did well to write while feeling so poorly. It's something I rarely do. A first draft is the general bones of the story. A second draft is where you iron out things, the things you maybe wrote when you were ill :)

Keep writing, you're doing great!