Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Life, the universe and everything... GETTING IN THE WAY!

It's that time of year again when the days and weeks accelerate and I stand by in mute helplessness as my life whizzes past me with a cheery wave.  I'm talking about THE END OF TERM.  A time for winding down, you might think, but NO!  So much to do and so little time to do it in!  Shows to assist with, trips to go on, special projects to bring to fruition... and in the middle of all that a novel to write.

Basically, it ain't getting writ.  There, I've admitted it.  It's here in my head, nudging at me now and then as if to say "Don't forget me, Mummy!", but it's not making it onto the screen right now.

It IS going to get writ, though - just in very small quantities.  What I am really looking forward to is lying on the beach in Zakynthos in a few weeks time with a notebook and all the time in the world.  Bring it on!


Sarah Tokeley said...

Sometimes it's good to accept that you just can't do it right now, instead of feeling guilty every night because you didn't write anything that day. The beach sounds like a perfect place to start again :)

Jenny said...

Can I steal away in your suitcase? Cuz I'm totally in the same boat and need writing time.

Rebecca Bradley said...

Life does seem to get in the way and does it's best to stop us making that time for writing. Do what you can, even if it's just 100 words a day and have a fabulous holiday!