50 Before 50

So, here are the fifty things I'd like to do before I hit 50:

Complete a novel and be well on the way to having it published (of course!)
Take a driving holiday exploring places in Cornwall I haven't been to yet
Learn Greek (maybe take a night class)
Holiday in France
Visit New York or New England (or both - I'm torn)
Have more money (this may be achieved by my kids leaving home!)
Get a dog
Have a day at a health spa with my friend Jane - we've been promising it forever!
Have a massage - I've never had one!
Improve my fluency in French - it's rusty A-level at present
Stop being apologetic about taking time out to write
Take my daughter to 'Les Miserables' (the stage show) in the West End
Increase my collection of silver jewellery
Learn how to use my sewing machine
Learn how to make a quilt
Start knitting again and learn how to make something other than a scarf!
Learn to be less sensitive
Control my urge to be bossy (already working on that one!)
Take part in the Race for Life and jog it instead of walking this time!
Write a ghost story
Join the National Trust (anticipating teenage-free weekends away!)
Go back to writing people letters on pretty note-paper with matching envelopes
Get better at telling people I don't agree with them (this is harder if I really like them!)
Go on a ghost walk
Visit a medium (have been in the past but not for about 8 years)
Read at least 10 more classics
Get our bedroom redecorated
Buy a new wardrobe (seriously, you should see the state of it)
Learn how to do tiling
Re-tile our bathroom with dark grout (!)
Learn how to use one of those sealant gun thingies and do it smoothly
Get into the habit of cleaning the insides of windows
Accept the way I look and perfect the art of feeling comfortable in my own skin
Meet up with some of the writers I've 'met' online
Have a driving holiday in Ireland
Visit my aunt in Portugal
Take a 'pack and dash' trip abroad
Get my guitar re-strung
Start playing my guitar again!
Spend a night in an hotel with my husband at least three times a year
Learn how to use Blogger and Wordpress properly!
Have Christmas Day at someone else's house (it's ALWAYS here!)
Eat in one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants
Hold a proper New Year's Eve party
Hold a party with a bouncy castle for adults
See the Royal Shakespeare Company perform
See Paul McCartney perform
Do some voluntary work with the homeless
Get into the habit of buying The Big Issue every week or at least fortnightly
Wear more colours with my black!

I wonder how I'll do? I won't be holding my breath...


Unknown said...

Go to New York! It's really hectic but also very amazing. And now that Les Mis is a film it might be returning to Broad Way? You can hope right? It'll let you do two in one hit.

Can't agree with wearing colours with your black though. I like my frustrated Goth look :)

TracyFells said...

Actually impressed that you came up with 50, that's quite a big number to list! I've got less than 3 years so might start on my own list, probably publishing a novel would be top of mine too. Good luck & wishing you every success in achieving ALL of these :)

Vikki T said...

Great list!

Meet up with writers you've met online eh?

Well, if you fancy lunch on the nice decked area at Thurrock in the summer, give me a shout :)