Sunday, 12 May 2013

Just a thought

I used to be a pantster, starting a novel on little more than a few characters and a good first line. To be honest, this didn't get me far - I felt a bit lost after a while - so I have planned my current novel. I'm not saying that I'm sticking to the plan 100% and I've had a few surprises such as characters suddenly springing out from nowhere complete with a name and distinctive taste in shoes, but I feel much more confident having that plan as back-up.

Anyway, my thought was that if I'm only half pantster now, does that make me a thongster?


What are you?

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Rena said...

I'm not really a plotter or a pantser. I start with characters, a rough idea of where they are going, and one specific scene that everything is building towards.
So I guess that makes me a loose plotter, or half pants with options.

When I've done the plotting thing, my characters generally take the outline and burn it, so that hasn't been helpful for me in the long run.

Linda King said...

Half pants with options - I love that!

Luanne G. Smith said...

Thongster. *snort*

I'm a little of both too. I have only the vaguest idea of what I'm going to write when I start. But I do usually know how it will end, so I at least have that for a compass point.

Annalisa Crawford said...

I'm so pantserish, I'm probably full on bloomers!

Vikki T said...

Ha ha ha excellent!

I'm a thongster too :)


Awen said...


Love the thongster... Maybe that's me too.

I could never be a Gok Wan and have it all honed and toned down to the last inch!!


Awen said...


Love the thongster... Maybe that's me too.

I could never be a Gok Wan and have it all honed and toned down to the last inch!!


Jennifer Joyce said...

I'm very much a planner. I seem to be planning more and more with each book to the point that I plan each chapter before I even start to write. This works for me (for now).

Linda King said...

Glad to find a couple of thongsters among you! Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

Kittie Howard said...

You said it so perfectly, I chuckled. Think I'm a thongster, too. I have characters pop and go, hmm, what are you doing here?

Your comment about Chester was so sweet. Thank you! Yes, the woman's nuts. Hey, give your kitty a hug for me!

Glynis Peters said...

Panster with good intentions of plotting!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I do not know how to change font on wp, either. It is a learning curve!

DA Cairns said...

Haha. I am never going to call myself a thongster(even though that's what I am)and I even baulk at the term pantser. Isn't there some perjorative term 'a pants man'? Where did I hear that, or am I confusing it with something else?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm a pantser/thongster. I'm rubbish at plotting. Like you, some idea's, but I like to sit down and type. I'm loving the terms that are coming out here though! :)