Monday, 8 August 2011

Oh POO! And some GOOD STUFF too!

Back from two wonderful weeks in Zakynthos to find three short story rejections in my inbox.  That's the POO part, by the way.  I admit to feeling a little deflated, but to be honest I was half expecting two of them to come pinging back at me and I think I'm getting a little more inured to rejection now.  Easier to cope with if it's tempered with a touch of occasional success (I have a story in Woman's Weekly this week) but still a bit of a kick for the old self-belief!

On the GOOD STUFF side, I have a new idea for a novel - inspired by my holiday - and lots of notes and photos and am feeling fairly excited (and daunted) about getting that started.  Should be able to get a fair bit done over the summer holidays as long as the MIL isn't too much of a drain on my time and emotions (think leech crossed with a deflated balloon and you're about there).  Shouldn't be too hard on her, I suppose, but she refuses to go out and find herself something to pass the time and just relies on us to pay visits and sit staring at the wall while she complains.  Not the stuff most inducive to feeling creative!  And, yes, she will end up in a novel sooner or later. 

If anyone reads this, I hope you're having a good summer so far!  Thanks for stopping by!


Sarah Pearson said...

Glad you had a great holiday and came back with an awesome idea!

Sorry to hear about the rejections. As for the MiL, console yourself with the thought that you're getting a first hand, in depth character study ;-)

Jenny said...

Yeah for great ideas! And congrats again on that Woman's Weekly publication.

Jenny said...

Also, there's an award for you on my blog ^_~

Annalisa Crawford said...

Hi Linda,
I've also given you an award!

You wait around for ages, then 2 come at once... :-)