Saturday, 28 May 2011

Oh Cripes!

I think being changeable and unpredictable is all to do with being an Aquarian, which is fine and dandy until it spills over into my work...
I was trolling along with my WIP, sometimes flying and sometimes slogging my way through treacle, but fairly happy until... BAM!
Yesterday morning I woke up with a completely different vision of it in my head, planted there ethereally by some all-seeing literary critic from another realm, with a whole new starting point and unfolding of the story required.  Not so much a Eureka! moment as FFS! moment, I'm afraid.
With a deep sigh, I have re-started it today.  I was SO looking forward to going on holiday this year with a first draft under my belt, but it ain't gonna happen now.  Neither will I be typing THE END on 19th July at the end of the MYWYN challenge. 
I seriously hope we will keep the FB page going as I am going to need some support, please, for quite a while longer!


Rebecca Bradley said...

I also hope the group will keep running. It's a great place to get some support when the going gets slow (as it often does for me).

It may be a lot more work for you, but just think, it's obviously come to you as an improvement, so when you do type "The end" you know it will be brilliant!

Jenny said...

Ouch, but I feel your pain. I have a story that could be written in completely different ways and thus am hesitant to even start it. :/

Morton S Gray said...

Don't you think sometimes you have to write your way into a story? I find I often don't really understand the plot or the characters until I am well into the manuscript. I know it is no consolation, but the finished book will be so much stronger. You may surprise yourself and find that you write faster too. Gook luck and hugs. Mx