Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Thank you Annalisa Crawford!

I've been nominated for The Versatile Blogger award (isn't it pretty?) by Annalisa Crawford at Wake up, Eat, Write, Sleep.  Annalisa's a versatile and interesting blogger herself, so check out her blog if you haven't already!

Now, apparently, I have to tell you seven things about myself and then nominate fifteen other blogs (do I even know that many bloggers?!).  I'll do my best...

Ok, get ready to be fascinated:

1.  I colour my roots (let's get that one out of the way)

2.  In my teens I wrote a poem about a middle aged man who picks up a young girl on a bus. She turns     out to be a serial killer and murders him, post-coital.  It all rhymed but unfortunately I can't find it.  Or maybe that's a good thing...

3.  I love Jilly Cooper books and am also a huge fan of Rose Tremain.

4.  The song that makes me go all goose-bumpy is 'Pretty in Pink' by the Psychedelic Furs, especially the intro.  Not sure why, but it never fails!

5.  I want to learn Greek but am feeling defeated before I've begun.  It looks so hard...

6.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist apart from when it comes to housework... 

7.  I got moshed at a gig for the first time aged 42.  Yes, it hurt and I didn't like it!

And now for the blogs I'm nominating:
I have to apologise if these blogs have received the award before as I'm a fairly new follower to some of them!

Catherine Breton at http://plumedansante.blogspot.com/.  Catherine blogs in French, but I'm all for a bit of variety and her blog is one of my favourites.

Rebecca Bradley at http://lifeinclarity.blogspot.com/.  Rebecca's blog is a great mix of writing stuff, book reviews and life.

Jenny at Fulfilling Dreams - an amusing and supportive blogger http://www.fulfilling-dreams.com/

Sarah Pearson at http://emptywhitepages.blogspot.com/.  A generously supportive blogger and an entertaining read.

http://kittiehoward.blogspot.com/ - Kittie Howard is new to me but her blog is easy on the eye and lots of fun.

http://nancysthompson.blogspot.com/ - another blog that's new to me but is well-written and Nancy's a very friendly blogger!


http://peggyeddleman.blogspot.com/  Peggy Eddleman is also new to me and I've been thoroughly enjoying her blogs and all the photos of mouthwatering cookies...

http://readywritego.blogspot.com/  Cherie Writes.  Another friendly and supportive blogger and her blog is really well put together - I wish I knew how to make mine look like that!

http://ashley-nixon.blogspot.com/  another blog I'm new to - have a look if you're not already a follower!

http://scribblesnjots.blogspot.com/  another supportive fellow-writer, Barbara Kloss

http://caitlin-lane.blogspot.com/  another new blog to me, but well-written and interesting to read!

And now for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT...

http://islandofterror.blogspot.com/  I thought I'd go quirky for my last one.  Nothing to do with writing, a bit off the wall, but certainly entertaining!

That's all folks!  I don't know anyone else!


Annalisa Crawford said...

I love the sound of that poem. And thanks for the compliment.

Peggy Eddleman said...

Congrats on the award, and thanks so much for passing it on to me! I'm right there with you on the perfectionist thing. :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations for the award! And oh man, I don't enjoy mosh pits, either. There. I said. Normally I take advantage of everyone being involved with the mosh pit to sneak my way closer to the stage! Although sadly it has been many years since I've been to a show.

Thank you so much for this award! Receiving awards from other bloggers always brightens my day. Thank you!!

Sarah Tokeley said...

Thank you for the kind words and the award Linda :-)

These days I have to dye more than my roots, I'm sad to say! Your poem sounds awesome. That's a fabulous idea for a short story.

Catherine said...

Congrats for your award! I really like reading your blog and I have to admit, I sometimes check it 5 times an hour to see if you wrote something new (when it's been a while since your last post)!

Thanks for the award, I'm blushing!

Jenny said...

That sounds like suck an epic poem. As for Greek, I've tried in college, and it's really hard even with hearing my grandparents/mom speak it. But it's such a pretty language. I could give you a few work sheets maybe (once I find my books on the subject).

Also, thanks so much for the nomination! I feel so special ^_^

Rebecca Bradley said...

It's great to know some new things about you Linda! And thank you for the award, I will work on my answers this week :)